Biomega, Vol. 3



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Назва:  Biomega, Vol. 3
Сценарист:   Цутому Ніхей
Художники:  Цутому Ніхей
Видавництво: VIZ Media
Мова видання: англійська
Формат: 146 х 210 мм
Обкладинка:  тверда
Кількість сторінок: 216
ISBN  978-1-4215-3186-1

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The Data Research Foundation’s plan to transform humanity and the earth itself accelerates as the DRF locates another executor of the apocalypse, General Narein. Toa Heavy Industry agents Zoichi Kanoe and Nishu Mizunoe haven’t given up yet, and Zoichi continues his journey to Maximum Security Containment Facility 3 in search of Eon Green. To stop them, the DRF is bringing out its heaviest hitters… The battle lines are drawn, and Armageddon never looked so good!

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